Jesus Changes Everything: A 5-Day Devotional With Randy Alcorn

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


Even if you have accepted Christ’s offer of salvation and walked with Him for years, you can never exhaust His depths. Puritan John Flavel wrote, “The longer you know Christ, and the nearer you come to him, still the more do you see of his glory. Every farther prospect of Christ entertains the mind with a fresh delight. He is as it were a new Christ every day—and yet the same Christ still.” 

There’s no more worthy subject to set our minds on than Jesus Himself. He is “the Alpha and the Omega…the Beginning and the End” (Revelation 22:13). As the hymn “Be Thou My Vision” puts so beautifully, Christ is our “best thought, by day or by night.”

I thank God that today I don’t just know and love Jesus as much as I used to; I know and love Him more. That is to His credit, and I’m deeply grateful. He’s what makes life so exciting and so worthwhile. Like the apostle Paul, more than ever, I want to know Christ (Philippians 3:10). He’s about growth not death, sanctification not stagnation. That’s the key to a Christian life, and it’s not boring but adventurous. Jesus, who spun the galaxies into being, paints the sunsets, and taught the humpback whales to migrate, can be comforting and rest-giving, but He is never boring!

In eternity, there will always be more to see when we look at Jesus, because His infinite character can never be exhausted. We could—and will—spend countless millennia exploring the depths of God’s being. This is the magnificence of God and the wonder of Heaven.

We’ll spend eternity worshiping, exploring, and serving Christ, seeing His magnificent beauty in everything and everyone around us. In the new universe, as we study nature and pursue science and mathematics and every realm of knowledge, we’ll see Him in everything, for He’s behind it all.

And yet, all our explorations and adventures and projects in Heaven will pale in comparison to the wonder of seeing Jesus face-to-face.

So let’s get a head start now by studying our Savior, first by studying and meditating on what His Word says, and second by reading Christ-centered books by those who love Him. Doing so will change us, both now…and forever.

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