Jesus Changes Everything: A 5-Day Devotional With Randy Alcorn

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From childhood I’ve loved astronomy. I grew up in an unbelieving home. Night after night I’d gaze at the stars, clueless about a Creator, but yearning for something much greater than myself.

One night, as I stared through my telescope at the great galaxy of Andromeda, 2.5 million light years away with its trillion stars, I was filled with awe. But my wonder was trumped by a sometimes unbearable sense of loneliness and separation. In retrospect, I think I wanted to worship, but I didn’t know what or who to worship. I wept not only because I felt so insignificant, but also because I felt so disconnected from the Significant One I did not know or know of. 

Several years later, at age fifteen, after attending a church youth group, I opened a Bible and saw these words for the first time: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” And then I read verse 14, the greatest understatement ever: “He made the stars also.” 

I quickly realized that this book was about the Person who made the universe, including Andromeda and Earth—and me.

I had no reference points when I read the Bible. All of it was new, intriguing, sometimes confusing, and utterly disorienting. But when I reached the Gospels, something changed. I was immediately fascinated by Jesus. I’d been an avid reader of fiction, but I knew this wasn’t fiction. I knew Jesus wasn’t just a character in a story. I soon came to believe that He not only lived two thousand years ago, but that He still lived. Everything about Jesus of Nazareth struck me as completely believable. And, somehow, I knew He was the One my heart had always longed for. 

By a miracle of grace, Jesus touched me deeply, gave me a new heart, and utterly transformed my life. Forty-five years later, He’s still unveiling Himself and changing me into His image and likeness. I couldn’t be happier that He’s every bit as real to me now as the moment I met Him—but now I know Him better, and therefore worship Him more deeply. 

For me, Jesus didn’t just change everything back then. He still changes everything today.

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