Hollywood Prayer Network On Simplicity

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“Jesus invites us to a life of joyous trust – a way of living in which everything we have we receive as a gift, and everything we have is cared for by God, and everything we have is available to others when it is right and good." Richard Foster

PRAY:  Dear Lord, my shepherd, I thank you that because of You, and loving You, I lack NOTHING. Thank You that You make me lie down in green pastures because You want me to rest; You lead me beside quiet waters because you want me to slow down, enjoy the beauty around me, and simplify my life. Thank You that You refresh my soul, therefore I don't need to strive for peace, calm, and joy. Lord, I want to live a more simple life and I know I can only do that by depending on You, trusting You, and turning to You in times of need. I love You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

REFLECT:   When you get overwhelmed, stressed, and feel that you'll never catch up, have you ever thought to read through Psalm 23 and just meditate on God's promises? He wants us to be peaceful and not complicate our lives with deadlines, huge projects, events, meetings, etc. He wants us to love Him, love others, and enjoy the world around us that He has given to us as a gift. He wants us to live an abundant life, not a busy life. Have you ever heard the quote: "If the devil can't make you bad, he'll make you busy!" That's something to think about......

ACT:  How can you make your life more simple? What are you doing that might be good, but it's not BEST for you in this season of life? What are you doing just because it's an obligation or you feel guilty if you don't do it? Who are you spending time with who might not be healthy for you? Evaluate your time right now and see if there are things you can eliminate in order to live a more simple life and to make more space for God.