Hollywood Prayer Network On Simplicity

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“The point of simplicity is not efficiency, increased productivity or even living a healthier, more relaxed life. The point is making space for treasuring God's own self.” Jan Johnson

PRAY:  Lord, Thank You for showing me the basics of what You require of me and what is good in Your eyes. You say that I should do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with You. That seems too simple, and yet I ask that You show me how. I need You so that I don't over-complicate my life with a long list of rules, laws, obligations, and responsibilities. Help me to simply do what's right, find joy in loving others, and walk with You every moment of every day in joyful humility. It sounds beautiful and it's all You ask. I just need You to help me do it. Thank you, Lord!

REFLECT:  Reflect on these four concepts from today's verse: 1) God has told you what is good  2) The Lord requires you to do justice  3) The Lord requires you to love kindness and  4) The Lord requires you to walk humbly with Him.  How would your life change if you implemented these four truths into your daily activities and goals? What would you have to give up? Focus on? Re-think? This one verse is actually life-changing if we could live it out fully. How would it change you?

ACT:  Today, choose to practice each of these concepts from Micah 6:8. You may need to write these down: First of all, find out what God means when He says to "do good." Then do one thing today that is "just"; Do or say something "kind" to someone; and then decide what needs to change for you to walk "humbly with Him". At the end of the day it might be fun to write down how your day was different because of practicing these tasks. Notice whether you feel more peaceful and satisfied, even if this is the only thing you accomplish today. By following the few things that God "requires" of you, your life will not only be more simple, but you will be living by godly wisdom, not earthly wisdom.