Things Jesus Never Said

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Let Jesus Speak for Himself

“The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true.” -Abraham Lincoln

Get it? Honest Abe obviously didn’t say that, but it sure can be true. Why are there so many false, inaccurate, out-of-context, or completely made-up words that get attributed to people like Abraham Lincoln? For one thing, he’s widely known as wise, trustworthy, good, and honest. The perfect carrier for getting convenient or deeply held convictions noticed, spread, and believed. Who’s wiser, more widely known, deeply good, and trustworthy than Lincoln? Jesus is. 

If Jesus were on board with every idea His followers have staked His claim in, then He’d be one incredibly confused Son of God, always at odds with Himself and overly busy leading the charge for both sides of every debate.

But Jesus doesn’t just get misquoted by other people, does He? How many parts of your life are informed by words, ideas, or feelings that you have, perhaps inaccurately, probably unintentionally attributed to Jesus? Here’s another way to ask the question. What things are you doing or saying on Jesus’ behalf that He never did or said?

The next few days will be all about digging into some of what Jesus said so that we can unravel some of the things Jesus never said. And by the end, hopefully we’ll have words, minds, hearts, and lives that look and sound a little more like Him. 

Consider: What parts of my personality or worldview have I attributed to Jesus that may have little to do with Him?

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