The Five Principles For Christian Global Leaders

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Power can be seductive and has the ability to lead even the best of Christian leaders down a road of financial ruin, sexual promiscuity, abuse of followers and many other sins. With that, it may seem interesting or even misplaced to include power as one of the characteristics of a global leader, but upon understanding Genesis 1:26 one will begin to understand why power is crucial to the global leader. 

If an organization does not have the correct Biblical view of the use of power, there is a temptation for leaders to abuse the organization. Genesis 1:26 tells us that God gave man dominion over his creation. Dominion is simply another word for power. This verse in the very first chapter of the Bible is telling us that God gives human beings, who are made in his image, power. 

With the giving of power over to humans before sin entered the world in Genesis 3, we should understand that power, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Since leadership is directly related to the use of power, a Christian leader cannot run from the topic of power. 

As global leaders, what we must consider is how we are to use the power that God has given us. A Christian leader must have a clear ethical guide in how to manage power. That ethical guide is the Bible and is clearly seen in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. During His earthly ministry, Jesus, being God in the flesh had unlimited power at His hand. Consider the fact that Jesus did not use His power to make much of Himself. Instead, He used His power to bring glory to God the Father and to do good to others (Matthew 20:25). 

A Christian leader with a global platform is to use his power in this same way. He is not to use his God-given power in the same way as the world does which relies on coercion, but instead he follows God's call to transform people through serving. The outcome is that the Christian leader does not wield his power in order to make a name for himself or to exercise dominance over others (1 Peter 5:3). 

The Christian leader is to use his power to serve and in so doing bring glory to God and doing good to others. Understanding that power is not evil and that as a leader God has given you power, how are using the power God has given you?