Galatians - A 12 Day Devotional


Paul’s argument in Galatians chapter 5, and I think the challenge for us is, now that we’ve been set free by Jesus’ death and resurrection, and invited into this new family of Christ followers, we need to STAY free. We stay free by avoiding placing our trust in things that aren’t useful or life-giving, like pagers, paper maps and Blockbuster video cards. These are all things that, at one time, we relied on. But now, they won’t do us any good at all. Paul’s not only talking about the rules and regulations that we are prone to fall back on, but also the way we treat each other, which can cause division and destruction within this new, multi-ethnic family that God is forming. Paul is saying in Galatians 5, that whether it’s arguing with each other about things that don’t matter, or trying to nullify what Christ did by working our way towards right relationship with God,  these things will tie us down – holding us back from the life of freedom that God wants for us.