Galatians - A 12 Day Devotional


In Galatians chapters 1 through 4, Paul speaks to the Galatian church about concepts like freedom from the law and faith in Christ. In chapters 5 and 6, Paul pivots towards application. In chapter 5, he is talking about YOU -how you live in the spirit and see fruit produced in your life. In chapter 6, he is talking about US – how the gospel transforms our relationships and how we should treat each other. Jesus Himself says in Matthew 22:40 that the entire law hangs on two commandments: to love God and love each other. In dying on the cross, being raised from the dead, and sending His spirit, Jesus shows us that this is how the gospel transforms relationships. The Jesus law isn’t about looking out for number one, kicking people when they’re down, or manipulating relationships. It's about finding people who are hurting and broken and helping them up. Now that we’ve been set free from the burden of sin and death, we need to keep our eyes open for other people who look heavy. And we need to help them in gentleness and humility. It’s our LOVE for one another that demonstrates to the world that we are His disciples.