Unlocking The Heart Of The Artist

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Your Calling As An Artist in the Kingdom

As an artist in the Kingdom, and more importantly a child of God, it is vital that you realize you were created for greatness in the image of your Father! The spirit of excellence, power and healing that resides in His very DNA resides in you. The very creativity that dreamed and formed everything you know as life today is your inheritance in Christ. Through your salvation in Him, you now have a new DNA that has been downloaded into the core of who you are.

The first picture of an artist like this is a guy named Bezalel. What a guy! Plucked out of obscurity it would seem and elevated at the right time to the place of influence God had designed for him. As you read the scripture verses, try to imagine what kind of person and artist Bezalel must have been!

I love digging deep and finding the meanings of words in the Bible. In reading this scripture selection, here’s what I found: “See, I have called” (to publicly proclaim) “Bezalel” (in the shadow or protection of God's), son of “Uri” (the fiery one, light, prophetic revelation), the son of “Hur” (white or pure), of the tribe of “Judah” (praise)" and I have “filled” (overflowing) him with the “Spirit” (breath or wind) of God, with wisdom, with “understanding” (skillful discernment), with “knowledge” (an intimate knowing) and in all manner of “craftsmanship” (occupation or work, as an ambassador, angel or messenger). Wow, what a picture!

I took those descriptive words and created a paraphrase that might give you a clearer picture of your calling as an artist. Here it is:

Our identity as artists is that of sons and daughters, publicly affirmed and sent by the Father to walk as fiery torches of prophetic revelation in the earth while creating from a place of purity and praise in the shadow and protection of God's presence. In that place, we have been given an overflowing impartation of the living breath of God and brought into His intimate presence to be sent as divinely equipped prophetic messengers, carrying His authority.

Just like Bezalel, you have been specifically designed and called by God to be an artist, an image-bearer, a glory-releaser in the earth. You’ve been designed to co-labor with the Father in releasing His Kingdom out of a place of intimacy and purity with Him. Meditate on your calling today and reflect in your own journal about what that means for your own life.