Do It Again

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading


Crush Every Idol. 

What have you exalted higher than God? Maybe you’ve meditated on that house a little too long. Maybe you’ve assigned your value to a person or to a particular job or a prominent position and your esteem is interwoven inside of its very fabric and foundation. Know that your value and validation comes from God and not through the validation of people or through the accumulation of “things” or titles. 

No matter how much you meditate on or worship “material things”, idols cannot fill a God sized void — no matter how good the “thing” may be. When you spend more time worshipping your hopes, dreams and aspirations — than you do worshipping God — those “things” have the propensity to become idols. Crush your idols and worship God. Rain is coming. Harvest is coming. Can God trust that you will not turn the gifts into idols? Trust God. 


Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I repent and I turn my heart to You. Lord, I lay down every weight and cast down every idol that I‘ve exalted above You. You are my Lord and I surrender to You alone. Lord, forgive me for worshipping anyone or anything other than You. 

Lord, I give my heart completely over to You. Lord, I surrender to You. Father, I repent for turning to “stuff” in order to fill a space that only You can occupy. Only You can satisfy me. Only You can deliver me. Only You can set me free. I cast down every hidden idol that I’ve unknowingly resurrected to compete with You. Father, I know that You’ve accepted me and embraced me as Your Own. Father, I will worship You and only You. You are the Savior of my soul. In You, I am complete. In You, I am whole. In Jesus Name, Amen.