Here, Now: Unearthing Peace And Presence In An Overconnected World


In our current tech-obsessed fast-paced culture, engaging in anything slow or challenging almost calls for a complete reprogramming of the mind. We are told that doing things for ourselves rather than letting a machine do it for us is outdated and exhausting. We are sold a lifestyle of fast food, the easy way, and the lie that unless it’s behind a screen it’s too much work. I wonder what on earth has possessed us to think that lying on the couch glued to a phone or computer is a better and more blessed activity than cooking for someone you love, or that constantly zoning out on mindless entertainment is more blessed than being creative with our own minds and hands. 

It’s almost like we’ve given a piece of our hearts and souls away in the name of efficiency and productivity. And yet it seems like we’re more vexed than ever, living in a world dominated by what others say and think. But we continue on in our fast-paced ways. . . 

Sabbath is a commandment. Rest, togetherness, celebration, fun. We have been biblically mandated to take a load off, to let God take over for a day. Blessings, presence, food, reflection, all have been prescribed to us—a people who would rather overdo it, who would try and take the credit. It’s crazy that party time with God and loved ones happens to be a biblical mandate. Sabbath looks different for everyone. For some, it’s dinner with friends and a day of no obligations, maybe a nap or a family movie. For others it’s playing hard, enjoying life-giving activities. It’s clearing some margin. It’s making time and space to be with each other. It’s freely enjoying God’s gifts of food, rest, and recreation. 

But the heart of the matter is the same. It’s leaving our work and striving behind to allow God to handle it, knowing that it’s not we who hold the earth in the balance, but Him. It’s trading the unhealthy illusion of control and the addiction of distraction for the beneficial gift of presence. It’s giving up the hustle and having confidence God will take care of things while we take a break.