Wisdom Of The Teacher For College Students, Ch. 8

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Can you tell a wise person by the look on their face? It’s certainly possible that a person’s countenance can deceive us. However, the Teacher reminds us that wisdom makes our face brighter.

Being able to apply discernment in all situations allows us to not worry so much about life in general and especially those things we can’t control. Worry tends to create lines in our faces, as does age! So, someone who worries might have more wrinkles than those who don’t. I know many hold to the old adage that a hard life makes one person look older and rougher than their peers who didn’t go through a lot of trials and heartbreaks. 

Being wise helps us realize what we can change, what we can’t and the difference between the two. Are you wise and discerning or are you overly concerned with every little decision that you must make? It might just be written on your face.