Wisdom Of The Teacher For College Students, Ch. 6.

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We return to a familiar refrain, if you have been with us on the 6-week journey. We return to the discussion of the pursuit of wealth. The futility of relying on it is again the central theme.

We begin the week with something the Teacher has seen that he declares is an evil thing. What is this evil thing? That a man would be given wealth, honor, and all the finer things in life from the Lord but without the ability to enjoy them! Imagine having everything in life and never finding any enjoyment in any of them.

It seems outrageous to us, especially if you are a poor college student. Well, poor by American standards anyway. Can you think of something more tragic than having it all without the ability to enjoy any of it?

The Teacher finds that this is more than just a chasing of the wind, but a sore affliction. It’s a painful state when a stranger gets to enjoy all that a man strives for because he can’t enjoy it and has no family to leave it when his life ends.