Wisdom Of The Teacher For College Students, Ch. 6.

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Yesterday we saw the situation of a man with no heirs and no enjoyment from all he has. Today we look at a man with lots of children and a long life instead of the short one implied yesterday. 

If a man were able to have fathered a hundred children and lived to the ripe old age of 2000 years, that still doesn’t guarantee that he will enjoy the finer things of life according to the Teacher. There is an interesting statement in here about a man who has no burial. That is a significant event as it was a curse. He doesn’t find enjoyment in life and he has no honor from his family after his death. 

He is found to be worse than a still born child. You might even say he was worse than the guy who didn’t have any family at all. The unborn child who dies never has to go through the troubles of this life. He or she will never know the heartache of never finding enjoyment in life like our guy in these verses. 

The Teacher says since they both arrive at the same place, the unborn child has the better path than the one who lives 2000 years without finding any enjoyment in those years.