Always Speaking // Want To Hear God's Voice?

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Heard God Through Others?

God speaks through His people. He empowers us as agents to carry His messages—as Ananias did to Saul, as Cornelius did to Peter (and Peter did back to Cornelius). This method, human agency, is the second of God’s two preferred methods of communicating with us. Examples of it abound in Scripture. And, of course, Scripture itself is an example; the Biblical authors were his agents in communicating his precious words to us. 

How does it work? Well, while God uses His still, small voice to reach us directly, speaking into our minds, originating thoughts there instantly, He uses that very same voice to also reach us indirectly—that is, by speaking directly into the minds of others, directing a few of their thoughts, and then allowing them to use their spoken or written words to take His messages the rest of the way, to us. It may be that one of us, one in need of hearing from God, isn’t used to hearing from Him, or doesn’t recognize His voice or just isn’t listening . . . or maybe doesn’t want to listen. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that God uses people who are listening and do want to hear to reach others who need to hear. It could be the inspired words of a pastor in the pulpit or the encouraging words of a friend at a coffee shop or the challenging words of brothers in a men’s group . . . or any one of many, many other possibilities. 

Okay, so what do we do?

Do you want to hear God’s voice? Does your busy calendar allow for it? Have you committed yourself to a group of men who are willing to speak His truth into your life? Think about these questions, brother—and commit today to figuring out how to begin to answer them affirmatively.