Jesus Revealed Pt. 2 - When Jesus Calls

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First Miracle - Water to Wine  

Thoughts on the Passage

This story details Jesus first miracle. It starts in an interesting way – mom trying to tell her adult son what to do. In this part of the world, moms carry a lot of influence – and this mom tried to do it as well. Jesus was clear – “mom, you do not influence what God wants me to do, only God does that.” It is interesting that God wanted Jesus to do exactly what Mary wanted – but Jesus waited until God wanted it done.

Mary does something really important here – she tells the servants to do exactly what Jesus says. That is good advice for all of us. Do exactly what Jesus tells us to do. Sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes it does not make any sense. This was one of the times it did not make much sense. The wedding has run out of wine for the guests – Jesus says to fill the jars used for washing with water (that makes some sense), but then take it and give it to the head of the wedding (that makes no sense). However, Jesus does things when we obey – He does miracles that we cannot do. 

Finally, one thought keeps coming to me here. Jesus does not just make wine – He makes great wine, the best wine. When we are obedient, Jesus does not just do things for us, He does great things for us. We do not obey to get great things; we obey because it is the right thing to do. However, expect God to honor His children when they walk in obedience – that is what He does.

Also, I should mention the issue of alcohol – the wine. This is a very divisive issue in the church. Some consider drinking wine (or other alcohol) just fine, others consider it a big problem. It is both. There are times that God says “no” and times He says “it is fine”. It is a bit like Mary trying to tell Jesus what to do...just stop and listen – it is much better. Some people act like it is their right to drink – it is time to stop, wait and listen to Jesus. Do without it and wait until God says it is okay. Others refuse because they see how much damage alcohol does to people, homes, families and nations. Be careful, it is a blessing (just like at the wedding in Cana) – and you can miss a blessing completely if you do not listen to Jesus.


Take time today to listen to Jesus.  Do not come with your list of things that He needs to do for you because you have some great needs. He knows and He has a plan. It may be what we think is right, but it may be different. Let Him reveal it to you – and expect it to look much better than anything we could do.

Time to Pray

Father, sometimes I come with my list of things that need to be done. I am as guilty as everyone else when it comes to this. Mary needed to be corrected – and I do as well. Today, I ask that I learn afresh how to listen and how to obey when it is difficult. Often my desire for things releases blessing for me – but not for those around me. I see today that You desire both – to bless me and to make me a blessing to people around me. That is what I want. I do not see it very often or very clearly, so open my eyes today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.