Jesus Revealed Pt. 2 - When Jesus Calls

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Calling of Disciples - Part 1  

Thoughts on the Passage

We see a few of things here. 

First, the testimony of John was enough for two of the disciples that followed John to turn and follow Jesus. My question is where are all the other followers of John? Why did they not turn and follow Jesus as well? They were so comfortable with John that they would not leave – even to follow the Messiah! It is something that we often see. The loyalty that some people have to a leader is often so strong, that it will prevent them from moving forward into a destiny that God has for them. Their loyalty was honorable – but misplaced; let’s be careful.

Second, these men come to Jesus – and want to hear more from Him. We do not know if it was to reassure themselves about who Jesus was or just getting to know Him a bit. Still, they spent time with Jesus before committing to follow Him. Also, this was not the way a Rabbi accepted followers. A Rabbi chose his followers and those he would spend his time with. It was always the choice of the rabbi – not the ones wanting to follow him. Andrew goes one step further – he invites his brother Peter to join as well! Here we see that Jesus accepted people as followers who wanted to come (even those coming at another person’s recommendation). He does things differently.

Third, Jesus changes Simon’s name to Peter. It is a prophetic word to Peter. Jesus saw something in Peter that others did not see. Peter would become a key leader in the church, and Jesus saw this and spoke this into his life. Understand that Peter was a fisherman (that means that the rabbis who taught them as little children rejected him for rabbi training – they would choose only the ones they thought would succeed). So Peter had a laborer's job – and Jesus calls him out of that and speaks boldly into his life.


Following Jesus. We can do it for various reasons, but in the end,  Jesus leaves the invitation open to everyone. Others may reject us as leadership material, as gifted people capable of being on their team, but Jesus opens the door for everyone. The choice to be a disciple of Jesus is ours. It means being a Head, Heart, Hands person. Some of us will follow – and learn the destiny God has for us. Others, Jesus will release a destiny right away – and challenge us to walk in it. Either way, get ready because Jesus has a destiny for us.

Time to Pray

Father, I have chosen to follow You. It came with very little understanding of what You wanted me to do. That has grown over time until today. I love following You, and I will never leave. I am not the most gifted or the most intelligent, but I am faithful. Help me today to be like Andrew, who not only followed You, but led others to You as well. Andrew was always bringing people to Jesus. Andrew brought some people who became greater leaders than he was. I want to do that. I want to see others become greater than me in Your kingdom – men, women, young, old, people from other nations, people from my own country. Because it is You they follow, not me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.