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Modern Miracles Presents: Giants Do Fall…. The Story of DavidSample

Modern Miracles Presents: Giants Do Fall…. The Story of David

DAY 1 OF 3

As Christians, we face issues on a daily basis. Some are as simple as a flat tire, and have a negligible impact on our lives. Others, like the passing of a loved one or the abruptness of losing your job, can be devastating. On occasion, the trials in our life are more difficult; trials like drug addiction or living in an abusive situation. These extremes are sometimes so overwhelming that they can challenge our faith or cause us to question God’s divine plan. The Word of God is here to support us in these moments. It is here to keep us from being afraid and to give us strength. In our worst times, He still stretches out his hand to hold us up and guide us. 

As a parent, you can look to your relationship with your child to help illustrate. When you take them to get vaccinations and they are fearful, you know in your heart that it will only hurt in that moment, and you understand this vaccination may save their life. To a child, this moment feels like the end of the world. The pain from the needle is all that they can focus on. Moments later, once the shot is over and the pain has subsided, the ordeal doesn’t cross their mind.  

When we look at our current situation from this perspective, it allows us to cast our cares upon Him. It allows us to know that He is God, and He is in control. He is not bound by time and can see the pain-free, healthy life around the corner. 


To see the rest of this series, and more biblical stories told in modern times please check out our website . We pray you stay encouraged and know that God will protect you in any situation. 

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Modern Miracles Presents: Giants Do Fall…. The Story of David

In our lives we face Giants on a daily basis. No matter how large and menacing the Giant may appear, we have a Champion on our side. A father that has defeated all that stands before us. This plan will strengthen our fai...


We would like to thank David Lindsey in conjunction with His Strength Productions for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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