Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


Talk about a first day on the job. In the beginning portions of Jeremiah’s calling – he was assigned one of the most difficult tasks imaginable. God commanded the young prophet to stand in the gap for Israel, as they were on the forefront of returning to exile once again under foreign powers. 

As heartbreaking as this reality was – the nation had brought such catastrophe upon itself. The events about to take place were by no means unfamiliar territory for God’s chosen people. Sadly, this has been a recurring theme throughout Israel’s historical entirety. The land of Judah was embarking on a deserted path and God only knew how long it would take for His nation to pivot in a holier direction. We then read about a young, insecure Jeremiah who was the next prophet up for the job. Yikes!

Throughout our journeys in ministry, we shall come to face doubt, feelings of unpreparedness as well as a lack of confidence. Scripture reveals to us some of the greatest contributors to God’s story possessed those very characteristics! So, I am here to tell you my friends, inevitably we will navigate through desert-like conditions. When the pressure appears insurmountable – our decisions in the desert will reveal where our allegiance rests. 

My encouragement is this: Consider Jeremiah; he was faithful. In the places we serve, we must be sure to never forget the one who has called us, why He has called us, and what He has prepared us for. We are qualified because of the blood of Jesus – that’s it! 

Our mission to follow the King leaves no room for falling by the wayside in a season of desertion. As Kingdom workers who will be leading congregations closer to the character of God – will we crumble due to the weight of drought? Or will we pull up our bootstraps, as the prophet Jeremiah did, in order to stand in the gap when desperation is at an all-time high? 

Take the challenge; make the right decisions in the desert. Remain faithful and never forget who has brought us out! 

- Colby Freeman