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In June of 2018 I became one of those “frequent flyers” as some may choose to call them. You know: those people at the airport that seem to have it all together. The flights I took in June were the beginning of the new “normal” for the next year of my life. I was moving to Arizona where I would be two airplane rides away (sometimes one if I’m lucky) from my family, my best friends, and my boyfriend. So, while I have perfected the “I know exactly what I am doing” look, on the inside I’m just as stressed as everyone else.

“Trust,” that’s what I tell people when they ask me why I decided to move this far away. Every day I choose to trust in the Lord whose plans are much greater than I could ever fathom. I am reminded of this trust when I read through Exodus. The Israelite people had no other choice but to trust the Lord as they wandered in the wilderness. Trusting in the Lord does not mean you have your whole life together. The Israelites begged, complained, and made numerous mistakes. People are flawed. We choose to trust the Lord daily. How do we do that? 

A business man on a flight once gave me some important advice. He spoke of how important it is to always see the beauty in every flight saying, “Don’t shut your window shade; sit back and watch the sun disappear. You’ll never regret it.” This man flew about once a week and was still just as excited to see the city lights as we landed. 

It’s a great example of holding on to a mindset of wonder. When we are intentionally seeking out the beauty of God’s handiwork, we are reminded that He is much greater than any plan we could ever create in our heads. If you are struggling to trust the Lord, I encourage you to read through Exodus and find a friend or even a podcast to help you understand the scripture. Then after reading through it, write down three ways you have seen the handiwork of God that day.  I pray that doing this helps you remain present in each day as you trust the Lord.  

- Carrie Russell