Lies Moms Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free

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 What Every Mom Needs To Know About Her Daughter’s Emotions 

Mothers of tween girls often want to know if their daughter’s emotional reactions are developmentally normal, or something to be concerned about. That’s a critical question with no simple answer. Each mother has to answer it for herself. But I’ve developed a tool to help you.

I coined the term "sticky feelings" to give you and your daughter something to identify unhealthy emotions.


God created both good and bad feelings, and they can both be useful if you use God’s Truth to respond to them. But when you have a bad feeling and you don’t know why, or it just never goes away and you feel it all the time, every day, that’s a ‘sticky’ feeling.”

It’s entirely possible that your daughter is struggling with a particular emotion because God needs her—with your help—to respond in Truth. Maybe she is stressed out because there is too much on her schedule, and you need to help her make room for rest. Perhaps she is depressed because she doesn’t feel safe talking about things that make her angry, and she needs to learn how to communicate her frustrations in a mature way. God created our emotions to send us messages, and we’re supposed to respond to those signals. When we do, the feeling often departs because it has done its work.

But sometimes, emotions stick to a girl. They show up for no apparent reason and/or they never leave!

That’s when you might have a problem.

Here’s what every mother needs to know about her daughter’s emotions:

Chronic, recurrent, sticky feelings could be evidence that lies are growing in the roots of your daughter’s belief system. She could be in spiritual bondage.

The term spiritual bondage, which Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth used in Lies Women Believe to describe what Christian adult women experience, also explains the crisis tween girls are facing. Seventy-two percent of Christian moms say they believe their daughter’s emotions are a manifestation of a much deeper, darker battle. One mother put it this way:

“Satan does not discriminate based on age.”

I agree.



Jesus told us it would not be easy. He said:

[Satan]’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10 ESV) 


There are going to be tough battles in your daughter’s life as Satan seeks to lie to her, and God wants her to know and believe Truth. I want to help you and your daughter win the war, so you can experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give both of you. You cannot choose whether your daughter will embrace God’s Word, but you can plant seeds in her so she is rooted in Truth.

My goal in the next few days is to help you uncover the lies you may be believing so that you are able to plant seeds and nurture deep, widespread roots of Truth in your daughter.

What do you say, friend? Let’s get planting.

Help the girl you love walk in freedom by equipping her with the Truth. Lies Girl Believe  and A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe is your tool to come alongside your daughter in the fight against the lies the world is telling her