Countdown to Deployment

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The Nine Ps of Pre-Deployment Preparation

Sometimes deployments are a total surprise. And other times your military unit has notified you months in advance. Either way, the wise family prepares for as many contingencies and circumstances as possible with these nine Ps: 

1. Plan for car and house maintenance by making a list of those to call on for help. 

2. Policies and passwords are crucial. Make sure there are procedures for family business accounts.

3. Pay/budget and powers-of-attorney need to be discussed. 

4. Partner with other believers for accountability. 

5. Prayer! How do you plan for prayer? Discuss before the deployment a discipline of prayer and ways to address needs in prayer. (See ideas in Day 2.)

6. Perspective. Choose to start this deployment with a positive frame of mind. Believe the best of your spouse and look forward to what God is going to do during your time apart (Day 5).

7. Protect your marriage as you would protect anything that is valuable. Socialize with friends of the same gender who have the same strong commitment to their spouses as you do, and always speak and act respectfully of your covenant partner (Day 4).

8. Potential danger is a reality with military life. If you agree to have “the talk” about what to do if the worst happens, include discussions of funeral plans and hopes for your family’s future. 

9. Priorities include insuring a feeling of security in your relationship by declarations of love and commitment, giving gifts, sharing dreams for time together during R & R and reintegration, addressing any concerns about your marriage, and resolving any lingering conflict before you leave. 

While taking these prudent steps, ask the Lord to prepare your heart for His grace to cover this challenging season of your life. If you feel like everything is out of control, know the One who is in control—of everything! “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17).

1. Which P on this list is one you have not addressed? Take steps together now.

2. What other planning items can you complete?

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