The Anointing

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The Anointing

by Rocky Fleming

Day 1: It Starts With Trust

A while back a sincere minister shared with me his desire to serve in an “anointed” ministry.  His statement was a little sad to me, for in it he expressed discouragement.  His final statement to me was, 

“I just want to be part of a ministry that is anointed by God, and I want to find it and serve there.” 

This man reflected a similar question and discouragement that we see by many pastors, ministry leaders and Christian men, in general, now days as they see much of their effort is given simply to maintaining a certain ministry form or ministry position or lifestyle, rather than personally joining a great work of God.  They hear about it.  They see it in some ministries and in other men.  They want it.  But understanding how God’s favor can fall on their life evades them.  

I answered this man’s question with full conviction that what I have seen and felt with my experience with Influencers tells me that getting God’s favor on our life and what we do requires an intimate, abiding walk with Jesus, and then doing what He said to do, in the way He said to do it.  It is as simple as that.  But is it?  Is this an oversimplified answer to a complex mystery of God, or have we made something that has been made simple by God complex, by not simply but truly believing and obeying Him?  Will He anoint our life and our work if these two requirements are not met?

Here are some penetrating questions by Hanna Whitall Smith, a woman who wrote these words in the early 20th Century.  They are loud and clear to me, even today, about our need to deeply and unreservedly trust Jesus if we want Him to anoint our life and how we serve Him.  It starts with our faith and obedience in Him and the things He said to do.

“Has the kingdom of God been over advertised, or is it only that it has been under believed; has the Lord Jesus Christ been overestimated, or has He only been under trusted?”  Hannah Whitall Smith, – The God Of All Comfort

I believe the truth is we fail to receive God’s favor or anointing because much of what He has spoken and promised is under believed, and He is under trusted with the things He said He would do with us.   I see too, that many complex distractions get in the way of God’s favor on us because of these two obstacles in our life.  We expect Him to anoint our life and our work, even though what we do or the way we do it is not following His plan.  If we want to see our frustration removed and get in rhythm with the Holy Spirit, our work must begin with a sincere, vulnerable trust that pushes aside all doubt and disobedience.  God’s favor begins here.

This week I want to take your thoughts and prayers to the question about seeking God’s favor, and things that need to be considered to find yourself in that place.  Each day will be an introduction of a clear step that you will need to take to go to that place.  Let’s start with the first step, which is, 

“Do you really believe Him?  

Will you trust Him?”