Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

Life holds lots of opportunities for embarrassing moments, doesn’t it? Epic fails are around every corner it seems. These are never times we seek out or look forward to, although sometimes God allows such a situation to occur to remind us about pride. It is so easy for pride to slowly build within us and we hardly ever notice. It’s one of the enemy’s favorite tactics. When we begin to leave God out of our lives and start handling things on our own, we’re telling God we don’t really need Him. We’ve got it all under control. 

That’s ridiculous though, isn’t it?  The end result is that we don’t make time for God. Rather, it becomes all about us. If we have no time for God, it means we are under the grip and spell of pride.  The Bible tells us that pride comes before destruction. To avoid an embarrassing fall, confess your sin and return to Christ.  We’ve got to depend on God’s presence to keep our pride in check. It will save us from embarrassment and even worse consequences.