Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


Do you trust Jesus as the only way to heaven?

As Christians, we are both comforted and warned by the reality of what comes after we die. Heaven and hell are both real places. If you came up with the most amazing blend of your favorite colors that anyone could put together, heaven is more glorious. Imagine the most fun you could ever have and heaven is way beyond that. Heaven is a place where you are with Jesus Christ, the one who loves you more than anyone, who understands you and loves spending time with you. And best of all, there are no goodbyes! In Genesis 28, Jacob was sleeping under the open sky and had a dream where he saw a ladder with angels going up and down it. In John 1, Jesus cleared up any mystery of what that ladder meant. He spoke of an incident where a young man named Nathaniel told Jesus he was amazed at the wonders Jesus was doing.  Jesus smiled and told him “Hold on, Nathaniel, you haven’t seen anything, yet.”  He told Nathaniel that one day he would see angels ascending and descending, not on a ladder but on the Son of Man (Jesus Himself). In other words, Jesus is the way from earth to heaven.  In fact, He is the only way. His Word says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Me.” If you want to go to this glorious heaven, Jesus is the way.