Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


Are you too busy to help those around you?

In the thousand days that Jesus ministered here on earth, He was about helping people. He cared about their needs. He wanted the blind to see, the lame to walk and the dead to live! His mission was loving them and supplying them with what they needed. He was showing those He came in contact with His love. There isn’t a single example in the Bible of Jesus refusing to help someone because He was too busy.  No, His priority was the people.  And…it still is! Don’t you think that Jesus’ priority should be our priority?  Nothing used to make my dad madder than for some sweet waitress working long hours to get left a gospel tract instead of a tip! 

It matters very much to the Lord how we treat people. You know the old phrase “actions speak louder than words.” When it comes to being a witness for the love, grace and mercy of our Savior, those words could not be truer! So when you are running late and the person in the car in front of you is just sitting at the green light, be gracious towards them! Or if the boy who cuts your lawn, left grass clippings all over your flower beds…walk in love! Because in light of eternity the only thing that matters is to demonstrate the love of Christ toward people!