Daily Devotions With Jonathan Falwell


Do you need supernatural peace in your life?

I know of a young man whose life was going really well.  He had a wonderful wife whom he loved deeply, two delightful children, a good job and a comfortable home.  He loved God and took his family to church regularly.  But suddenly the bottom fell out. His wife was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  He was filled with shock and disbelief. As the weeks went on, he was very troubled and had terrible nightmares. He prayed, he begged God, he got Christian friends to pray, he read all the information he could get his hands on. He said, “I prayed like a grown-up and I prayed like a little kid, please-please-please dear God, don’t let her die. I can’t raise these kids on my own.”  One day while he was driving down the road, panic and fear completely engulfed him. So he pulled off to the side of the road and sobbed. “Suddenly,” he said “it was as if a hand was laid on my shoulder and God said, ‘It’s going to be alright.’” His wife was not miraculously healed, but the treatments began and she found a path of gratitude and determination to live each day to the fullest. Her husband’s panic subsided and he began to meet the ongoing crisis with maturity and resources he didn’t know he had. Supernatural peace is their daily experience now. AND no matter what they go through, God is on the throne and everything will be alright!