#BETHEGIFT Someone Needs Today

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Prophetic Encouragement: #BeTheGift

I am an encourager to my core and take very seriously the calls to action in Scripture. We are told to encourage one another and build each other up every day. Plus, encouragement is something we all need, and exactly what Jesus asks us to do for others. Throughout Scripture we see Jesus operating in the gift of prophetic encouragement. He modeled the spiritual gift of prophecy everywhere He went. He didn’t make it weird; He just spoke the Father’s heart in love. For example, when He met the woman at the well, He spoke words of life, love and hope. His words were encouraging and truthful. The words He spoke to her opened up a whole community to believe and receive the Gospel message Jesus had come to bring.

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul talks about the gift of prophetic encouragement being for all (everyone or all people), and its purpose is clear: to encourage, comfort and strengthen those who receive it. It’s a gift that can change the world and atmosphere around us, making it a necessary gift today.

Jesus modeled true unhindered authentic relationship with the Father, showing us how to relate to Him and to one another. The Father (God) spoke to Jesus and told Him the words to speak to others—Jesus was operating in the gift of prophetic encouragement. The words Jesus spoke carried life and touched the driest places in people’s lives. Jesus was a gift to those He met, and He is calling us to #BeTheGift of encouragement others need today.