Why Did God Bless Some People More Than Others?

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What Is God’s Plan?

We all want an abundant life where we live to the fullest. In our human understanding, we think a rich and satisfying life comes from our own efforts. We work harder. We try to earn more money. We attain all we can in our own power. In John 10:10, one of the verses we read today, we learn that this abundant life only comes from Jesus. He said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

As humans, we were created in the image of God. At creation, the world was perfect. There was no poverty, evil, or sickness. It wasn’t long before man decided to trust himself instead of God, and sin entered the world. We were instantly separated from God and our relationship was severed. The result was death—physical and spiritual. Hardships like poverty and pain entered the world. Thankfully, God initiated a plan to rescue us and sent His son Jesus to earth to be our substitute. He died as the payment for our sin and rose again in victory, proving He is God.

Now Jesus offers His children abundant life, the satisfying life we long for. When we think about poverty, we might think that those in poverty can’t have this abundant life. In reality, they can! Jesus died for rich people and poor people. He came to give people life—life so abundant!

I remember sitting around a table in the Dominican Republic. In this tiny shack were 2 rooms and 6 people living there. One room was the kitchen/dining room/living room. The other served as the bedroom for everyone. There was no running water. Our hostess had gotten out her nicest plastic cups and filled them full of Orange Fanta. She smiled with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. She was so honored to host us in her home. The prayer, worship, and stories we shared that day were all the nutrition we needed. She gave her best to us!” - Shane

Ask Yourself: Do I truly believe that someone living in poverty has the potential to have the abundant life God promised? Why or why not?

Suggested Prayer: Father God, I’m often discontent with my life. So often, I want more. Help me find abundant life in You, not in material possessions. I rely on You and the plan You have set in place. Give me a passion for the things that matter most to You.

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