Placing God First

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The Bible is a story of God’s relationship with people. In his covenant with the people of Israel, in the journey to the Promised Land and in his sending of Jesus Christ we see him reaching out to us, seeking to gather us to him, to live with him and be looked after by him. 

And yet, from the very beginning, people have tried to go their own way. We often think we know better than God about what is good for us, and so we have left him, scattering to try and find it.

Like chickens, we are capable of surviving on our own: scratching around on earth, trying to survive. But, like chickens, our lives are better when we are looked after by someone – and God wants to be that someone. 

As we grow older, some of our activities may stop but new opportunities of love and living may also open up, as well as awareness of past weakness. Whatever our age, God is there for us, and always will be. 

In Isaiah 46, at a time of crisis, God reminds the nation of Israel, through Isaiah, that He was there when their nation began, and also when each individual person was conceived and born. Whatever troubles we have in life, who else but God can carry us through life, from birth until our hairs are grey?


Walking with Jesus, we become more like him and are more able to show one another what it means to have a life with Jesus.