Things that were extraordinary in the past might be just ordinary today. What used to be a problem-solver might instead has become a source of problem now. In a world that keeps changing, we need to stay relevant, and one of the ways to do it is to reimagine; or to rethink everything that we have done.

Jesus teaches us that the branch that bears no fruits needs to be cut off, while the branch that does bear fruits needs to be pruned. The same thing happens in our lives. We need to ‘cut off’ the things that no longer make us fruitful, so God will always be glorified through our lives. Invite the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, because He is the one who can prepare and help us in the process.

'Reimagine' is a way to protect everything we build from becoming a monument, but for it to become a movement instead. It’s an invitation for us to get closer to God through His Holy Spirit; an invitation for us to change whatever is needed; an invitation to create and bravely innovate; an invitation to cut off the things that are no longer productive and effective, so we can embrace the ones that will help us bear more fruit and lead us to abundant life.

Today, are we still being so comfortable in our comfort zone? Or should we change certain things in our life?


God, my life is Yours. Give me wisdom to reimagine things and courage to step out of my comfort zone. Help me to change what needs to be changed, so I can bear more fruit and glorify Your name.