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In Tune – Exploring the Father’s Love 5-Day Devotional PlanSample

In Tune – Exploring the Father’s Love 5-Day Devotional Plan

DAY 1 OF 5

Day 1 – When life is crashing down around you – reach out to God.


A lone VIOLINIST drives through a run of 16th notes, over and over... Her phone BLIPS. The violinist, JEN, ignores it and attacks the difficult Bach passage again. Another BLIP. She drives through the run again. Her phone RINGS and she answers with a plea --

“Can I just have five more minutes please?”

This is Jen, our flawed hero in the short film “In Tune” – driven to succeed, driven to make her way in the world. Her father was less than perfect, creating a skewed perspective of God that she’s carried into her adult life.

Jen worked hard to build a successful image. She pushed herself so hard she ignored warning signs and injured herself. Her career as a professional violinist came crashing down around her.

Everyone makes mistakes; we all fail at one time or another. When disaster struck, Jen’s mistake was to rely on her own strength, her own wisdom – her old ways of working things out.

When life is falling all around you, where do you turn? Where do you run?

God offers his wisdom to those who ask. Contrary to the world’s wisdom which can bring chaos and confusion, God’s insight brings peace and clarity. It brings goodness into difficult situations.

If life is messy for you right now, call on your heavenly Father and his ultimate wisdom. Embrace a new hope that he wants the very best for your life. Compassionate and merciful – He is the One who can step in and intervene in your mess.

Reach out to God and expect good things.

Prayer: Thank you, Father God, that your mercies are new every day! I look to you to intervene in my life and help me turn things around. Come close to me, God and send your help. In Jesus name I pray, amen!


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About this Plan

In Tune – Exploring the Father’s Love 5-Day Devotional Plan

Does God really care about the details of your life? Based on the award winning short film In Tune, this 5-day devotional explores the Father’s love as we follow Jen, a professional violinist driven to succeed while dist...


We would like to thank Laura Woodworth for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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