Spin: Becoming Clay In The Hands Of The Potter

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If you have put your faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, this world is not your home. You belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, and that’s where your heart and focus should be. It takes practice to put aside your earthly concerns and desires and center yourself on the Potter’s wheel, but the better you get at doing just that, the more He’ll be able to accomplish in your life and the more effective you’ll be for His purposes. 

These days, people throw Jesus’ name around like He’s no one special, but He is. He’s the Son of God, the Savior of the World, without Whom you’d have no hope of escaping the consequences of sin and remain separated from God forever. What’s more, He created rules, and sustains all things. He is the King of Kings and deserves more than respect; He deserves our complete and utter devotion, our worship. 

Are you centered on the Potter’s wheel? Have you adopted the right attitude before the King of Kings? 

Thank God for Jesus and spend a few moments telling Him how wonderful He is.