Follow His Lead // Always Home

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Leading and Listening

I lead, you follow.

There is a time for leading—following Me. And there is a time for listening, trusting my voice in you and waiting on it.

Know that I speak.

Lead by listening, not on your own. Then leading comes from the true place I call you to—the foundation that you can never doubt, the rock that never wavers, sure footing where you can always stand.

I ask you to go ahead, sometimes into new places, but they are places where I have been. And I show you the way to go there. You never head out—leading the way, on your own.

I am your guide, your beacon, your map, your voice.

I am the one who goes ahead and marks the trail. Sit and listen first, so you can recognize my voice when you head out into new territory, the two of us, together.

Do you hear Me? Do you recognize Me? Do you know the feel of my arm around you, my whisper of hope and love?

I am your strength. Nothing else.

I am the one who loves you and sends you out, with my voice in you.

There is no place I won’t speak.