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Why I Rescue

My darling, my delight, those birds that dance so high in the sky . . . I made. They sing and they swoop, and I rescue them when danger falls.

I rescue you, my darling.

I rescue you from mediocrity, from hesitation, from doubt and stunted curiosity. Imagine Me, looking at you, before you, clearing the way to rescue, so that you can rescue.

I rescue you so that, with Me, you can rescue.

I paid a price for you, and I would do it again. I would never stop rescuing. But I did it once, and it was complete. So that, yes, you can rescue now daughter.

I call you to imagine possibilities of hope so that now you can rescue. I carry my name within you—my heart beating in time with yours. Go forth into openness with Me. Bring forth those daughters and sons who don’t know what rescue means.

I rescue you.

Now go tell them.

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