God, Where Are You?! With John Bevere


Spring Up, O Well!

I recall several instances in dry seasons when I would try to pray and found it difficult to get a refreshing drink of living water. One such time, I took my tent to a state park for a time of prayer and fasting. That night I prayed, then I read, then I began to sing songs of praise. I spent approximately three hours doing these things, and it seemed that I was getting nowhere. Nothing seemed fresh—I was as dry as could be. Very disappointed, I finally crawled in my sleeping bag and tried to sleep.

During the night, it seemed as if all the demons were having a celebration—I didn’t sleep very well. I tossed and turned, wondering why God was not revealing Himself to me. The next morning, I went outdoors and began walking the paths of the state park, praying in the Spirit, but still feeling very dry. This went on for another hour and a half. 

I finally looked up and said, “Lord, I guess I am in the wilderness.” My thoughts were, I might as well go home and quit seeking Him. He has me in this dry place, and things won’t change until He brings me out.

This was erroneous thinking! God does not bring us into these times to frustrate us and get us to give up until He sovereignly changes our conditions! The wilderness is not intended to be a place of failure, but of victory! All of a sudden, I heard a still small voice within me say, “Fight!”

That one small word was the spark of fire and life I needed. Immediately I began to say, “Stir up the gift of God in me! Come forth rivers of living water! Spring up, O well, into my soul!” 

As I kept repeating these words found in Scripture, the prayer became more and more intense until I found myself pacing up and down that path, praying and speaking the Word of the Lord with great fervor. Everything became fresh, and I felt enlivened! His presence was with me in a strong way. Just minutes earlier, I had felt heavy and weak. But now I was gearing up for battle, ready to face any enemy with the Word of the Lord!

Rain is scarce in the desert. Water is not accessed easily there and if it is to be found at all, it must be drawn from wells or springs. When you’re in a dry season, instead of looking externally to be refreshed, dig deep internally—where you’ll draw from rivers of living water.