The Way to the Manger, Family Advent Devotional

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Hope of God’s Promised One 

Think about things for which you might wish. You might wish for a superpower like being able to fly, to leap over a building, or having incredible strength. You might wish that people didn’t die or that you could go to Mars. Every year when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, someone probably encourages you to make a wish. 

Now think about the word hope. If you had to explain what hope means, it might sound a lot like a wish. It’s really not. Hope is an expectation of something you know could happen. A wish is more like a desire for something that might not be as doable. When you study really hard for a big test, you hope you make a good grade. When you don’t study at all for a big test, you wish for a good grade. 

The people in the Bible were hoping for the Savior. They believed what God said, and they were anxiously awaiting His arrival. They knew He was coming because God had promised it. 

Jesus also promised that He would return. Today, as we prepare to celebrate the first time He came to earth, we are hoping and waiting for Him to come again. 

Dear God, 

Thank You that we can place our hope in You. You keep Your promises. Thank You for sending Jesus as the Savior. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


Memory Maker:

1. What is something you hope you will get to do this Christmas? 

2. What is something you might wish for, even if you think it will never happen?