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7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading PlanSample

7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading Plan

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To think that there is not a problem with food in our society is foolishness. Whether it’s eating too much or how often to eat or when is the best time of day to eat, we—as a nation—struggle with food. But food is a necessity. It reveals that we need something outside of ourselves to sustain us. It is not a problem we can simply ignore.

Gluttony is often defined as the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food and drink. There is a deeper issue going on here than simply overeating at meal time. It is an unquenchable appetite towards food. There is always a desire for more. 

Gluttony, in some ways, is a mix of greed, lust, and anger. With this sin, more is always better and there is a massive lack of self-control. Problems with food often have emotional issues tied into it as well. 

Gluttony and obesity certainly pose health and physical dangers but there is also a spiritual issue at play too. When we tend to think about what’s for lunch or what’s for dinner over and over throughout the day, we are not too far away from calling food our god. There is certainly an element of worship to this kind of relationship with food.

In order to break an unhealthy relationship with food, it might help to reflect on our relationship with the LORD. Understanding how we view and treat food is part of our relationship to God. It’s not just about our will power. 

To put off gluttony, we need to put on self-control because this is what we are teaching our children. When we are extremely overweight, our actions around the table make it very difficult for us to ever talk to our kids about the discipline of self-control. Let’s be mindful that we are setting an example to our kids at all times, including meal time.



God, please help me see where my appetite needs to be put in check. Help me rely on you and give me self-control based on my love for You over food and any other worldly thing. Amen.


Reflection Question

If you are an overeater, why? Don’t rush through this question. Really think why you eat as much as you do. Is it as simple as you like the taste or is there more to it than that?

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7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading Plan

Most sin can be traced to one of these seven sins. So, know them. Fight them in your home. Fight them in your heart. Be the example that maybe you didn’t have growing up. You can learn to overcome the sin that's holding ...


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