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7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading PlanSample

7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading Plan

DAY 5 OF 7


Boys and their toys. There’s just something about shiny new stuff that really appeals to the brain of a man. And having a nice toy usually isn’t good enough. We need to have the latest and greatest version of that toy. More, more, more. If a little is good then more is better, right? 

Greed is such an easy sin to slip into, even in the hearts of Christ followers. And this makes no sense to me. I mean, greed is at such odds and great contrast to Jesus. After all, let’s not forget he was a homeless man (Luke 9:58). And this speaks nothing to the fact that he chose to step out of all heaven had to offer to become nothing on earth.

Whether it makes sense or not, greed has wrapped its strong stingy fingers around the hearts of the best of us. Greed is the inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess. Not need. Excess. It is the want for more than we need. Like most sin, greed is a want gone wrong

And if we think about greed in those terms—a want for excess, not need—then I think our eyes are opened more widely to how far reaching greed is. For example, how many shirts do you need? Think about that question as truly need based. Now, how many shirts do you own? If I wore every shirt in my closet before washing them, I could probably go two months or more before doing laundry. Isn’t that excess? Doesn’t that make it greed?

Another issue with greed is that it is not merely limited to material possessions. We dads can be pretty stingy with our time, our words of encouragement, and our approval. Our greed affects more than just us.

As forceful as greed can be, it does have a weakness. Giving. Try it. Give something away. Money. Time. Personal possessions. It doesn’t really matter what it is, giving it away will change you. 

As we try to put off the sin of greed, let’s put on contentment and the delight that comes from giving.



God, would you please help me resist the pull of this world and its want for more? Please help me see greed for what it is—sin. Help me find contentment, be grateful and live to worship You. Amen.


Reflection Question

What is the area or “thing” that really brings out the greed in you? How could giving help lessen that desire for excess? 

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7 Sins Of A Disengaged Dad: 7 Day Bible Reading Plan

Most sin can be traced to one of these seven sins. So, know them. Fight them in your home. Fight them in your heart. Be the example that maybe you didn’t have growing up. You can learn to overcome the sin that's holding ...


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