Flippin' Christmas

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The wise men's mission is critical to the story of the nativity. We don't know exactly when they appeared (though there are some good historical ideas). But we do know a key part of their story is that they saw a star that led them to Jesus and they followed it. 

Often times, the way we get closer to Jesus is by taking a step toward Him. Ultimately, our journey to Jesus might take even longer than the 2 years that it took for the wise men. A key characteristic many people in the Bible had was curiosity. This guy named Moses, from the Old Testament and around before the wise men, displayed curiosity when he saw a bush, like the Magi saw a star. 

As you read the text today, you’ll see that Moses did what the kings did. Moses first needed to see God doing something before he could encounter God saying something. In your life, God is up to something. There’s a burning bush, a star rising, somewhere. Be on the lookout for God speaking to you this week. Maybe it is through a good friend, your small group or a serving opportunity. Sometimes the best way to meet with Jesus is by taking a step of curiosity toward Him.