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The Guiding StarSample

The Guiding Star

DAY 1 OF 7

 The Journey Begins 

Christmas buzz increases,

it’s charm never ceases. 

The star which shines over homes today,

was not above the manger that day

But far away in distant skies, 

Inviting those who are seeking, those who are wise, 

To reach our Savior Jesus Christ.

Tradition says that the magi saw a star, followed it and reached the stable. Tradition could not be further wrong. The magi were in a different country. There was no way they could reach the manger on the night of Jesus’s birth. 

Matthew clearly tells us that the wise men appear in Jerusalem (not Bethlehem) after (not on) Christ’s birth. They saw the star however in their own countries at the birth of Jesus. It would have taken several months to travel to the land of Israel. The fact that they reached Jerusalem instead of Bethlehem indicates the star may not have guided them for the large part of the journey. They faced danger and death yet relentlessly pursued their one objective to worship Christ.

This journey is very similar to our journey to discover God’s will and path for our lives. Difficult, yet exciting – in fact the most exciting journey anyone could ever undertake on this earth; Confusing at times, yet clear at key milestones; Requiring a large quantum of faith and dogged determination. It is a combination of human knowledge and divine inspiration. And it has an uncanny way of turning mistakes into messages. Messages of life to those who believe. Messages of death to those who don’t. Unknowingly the Magi leave a trail of death behind them, but not before they escape. 

This adventure of a lifetime to find the centre of our life is what Christmas is all about. This adventure is always rewarding. Encountering Christ is again the beginning of the next bigger adventure to discover the true purpose of life.

This devotional will help us dig deeper into the Bible to understand how God led the Magi centuries ago. It will help us understand how he guides us today. The next six devotionals cover the following six dimensions of this magical guiding star as it:

· C onvicts 

· H ints direction

· R adiates God’s message

· I nstills exceeding joy

· S purs worship

· T riumphs over the fiercest opposition

It is my prayer that as you dig deeper to seek His amazing truths, you too experience the greatest, most rewarding adventure under God’s guiding star in your own unique ways.

Are you ready to search for unparalleled treasures of God’s guidance?

About this Plan

The Guiding Star

The traditional manger scene is very unlike the real manger scene which had no wise men, no star. The wise men (Magi) led by the star surfaced almost two years later at the house of Jesus. Again, the star may not have be...


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