The Truths Of His Coming


No Fear in Death Because of Our Savior

Hebrews 2:14-15

The purpose of the advent season is to prepare us to celebrate and experience afresh the birth of our Savior. For the next four weeks we are going to explore some of the reasons Christ came to this world. We begin with Hebrews 2:14-15. 

Sin is a reality on this side of heaven. Satan does all he can to entice humans to sin. Because we all have a sinful nature, we are prone to give in to temptation and choose to sin. Consequently, we die, because “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). We die because of our sin. 

Christ came to deliver us from this hopeless reality. If we are going to ever become perfect and live forever, sin and death have to be taken care of and removed. Why did the Savior come? He came to take our sin and imperfection upon Himself and suffer death for us. He took the punishment we deserve, and because of that, God accepts us…

· as being righteous in Christ

· as having already died in Christ

· as being already resurrected to eternal life in Christ

When we genuinely believe in Christ and accept His death as payment for our sins, God sees us as perfect and blameless. We escape eternal death because Jesus Christ came and broke the power of the devil over death. We are now free to live with confidence in Christ’s work. Because of our Savior’s atoning death, we can live without fear of death and live knowing we have the hope of eternal life with Him. 

Study Questions:

· Do you feel the weight of your sin?

· Do you walk in freedom from the fear of death?

· How has knowing what Jesus Christ did for you impacted your life?

Do you see yourself as God sees you? 

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