Babylon The Great - Prophetic Gallery Series

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The Second Woman - Babylon the Great  

Thoughts on the Passage

The seventh bowl talks about God remembering Babylon – this lady – and releasing His judgment. So now we see it.

She is a beautiful woman, dressed in beautiful garments, seated in high, lofty position and covered in expensive jewelry. She also carries a cup full of terrible sinful things and her acts of evil are focused against the people of God. John calls her a prostitute – a woman who uses herself to commit all kinds of evil. Over the next few days we will see who she represents and the judgment that God has in store for her. In this picture we see her beauty and glamour, we see her power over mankind and her abuse against the people of God. 

We also see why she is called Babylon. Babylon was the great empire with one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – powerful, beautiful and full of pride. It was an empire that destroyed the people of God as a nation, killing thousands of God’s people and became of symbol of oppression of God’s people. God also destroyed Babylon. God judged her for her wickedness and evil. God destroyed her as she destroyed the people of God. When we look back at Babylon, we see the judgment that is about to come to this woman – and it is severe.

John marveled at the picture of this woman. We see things through human eyes. She looks powerful, unstoppable, wicked beyond measure, fearsome beyond belief. We have no idea how anything can stop her… God will show us!


Father, we see things today from human perspectives. So many things are greater than what we can handle – situations, problems, oppression. We face them in our lives, our work and in our spiritual battles. How can we handle things that great? They are like Babylon. They are oppressive, they are powerful and they are greater than anything we can imagine – but You are greater still. So as we read these passages and we see how You deal with them, give us courage to continue to be faithful to Your name. Give us eyes to see beyond this physical world and the challenges it gives and see the spiritual where everything is different. You will show us what is really happening – both the good and the evil. You will also show us what is coming – and Babylon will fall! In Jesus' Name, Amen.