Silencing Insecurity Devotional By Donna Gibbs

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Seven: Transformation and Freedom

Scripture: Ephesians 1:3-14

Why do we wrestle with self-worth? Because we each yearn to know that there is a reason for our existence. That we’re not just on this earth to take up space. That there is something significant about us that explains and defines our presence in this thing called life. God’s descriptors of you are your true identity. 

God, your Audience of One, rescues you with His truth. And when you are His child, you are forgiven, justified, redeemed, no longer condemned, completely accepted by Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit, a new creature in Chris, set free, chosen holy and blameless in His sight, His masterpiece, brought near to God and bought with a price, cared for, and complete in Christ. This is just a short list of the descriptions God uses in reference to you. God rescues you with His truth. And this is who He says you are.

Since you desire freedom from your insecurity, it’s time to have an honest conversation about submitting your thoughts to God. Agreeing with Him about your true identity stabilizes our emotions and brings purpose to our actions. This formula for wholeness involves a transformation to dependence upon God for our complete identity. The Apostle Paul was a living demonstration of a transformation in dependence.

Did you know that Paul’s name meant “little”? But he never let his name define him. Though Paul clearly thought little of his needs, he thought much of God and accepted who God defined him as being. He was not an arrogant person, but he did not hesitate to boast loudly about God. Instead of being little, Paul was a living light because he was free to live purposefully without the shackles of a broken self-worth. I too want to be a living light. You probably do as well.

Wholeness invites relationships, and as we acknowledged earlier, we are designed to be in relationships with others. But not just any kind of relationships. With healing, we no longer need to avoid others for fear of rejection. We no longer feel desperate for relationships. We no longer settle for destructive relationships. Wholeness allows us the freedom to live within meaningful relationships

What description that God uses for you resonates most clearly? Take a moment and pray, asking God to see yourself through the eyes that He sees you with.