Silencing Insecurity Devotional By Donna Gibbs

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Five: Who Is the Chief Thief?

Scripture: Ephesians 6:12-18

It is important for us to acknowledge that we face a thief. Our thief, Satan, is not some random robber who is looking for a quick fix. He is a personal enemy, and we are his strategic targets. And unlike the occasional thief who regrets their behavior, Satan has no remorse regarding his attempts to steal. He was kicked out of heaven because he wanted to be God. And, if you are one of God’s children, he also hates you. He wants nothing more than to destroy you. This is warfare.

So how does the enemy wage war? He targets our minds. He uses manipulation and deception to lead us to either doubt God or doubt ourselves. Satan fuels his mission with the weapon of comparison and commonly feeds on our feelings of inadequacy. Much like the piece of fruit he used to deceive Eve, he dangles in front of our faces things such as our appearance, our success, our need for approval, and our experiences in life. He swings these traps in front of us with the false promise that they define us.

The first step in fighting this thief is realizing only with God’s help can we take a stand. We have to put on the protective armor described in Ephesians 6. We have the truth through God’s Word, which provides us with discernment and direction. We have the righteousness of Christ, which covers us and allows God to see us as holy and blameless. We have the shoes of peace, which assure us that we belong to God as we step forward against the enemy. We take up faith, which gives us confidence as we face an unknown and unsettling attack. We pick up God’s Word—we study it, meditate on it, and sometimes memorize it. And we pray. 

But perhaps the most significant protection we must use in the face of insecurity is the helmet of salvation. It is the confidence of our salvation and the assurance we are God’s children. Scripture says that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. God’s Word is the spiritual weapon for a spiritual war. And it will not leave you empty-handed when you are up against a powerful accuser.

How has the enemy caused you to doubt God? How has Satan used the weapon of comparison to cause you to feel inadequate?