Making Space – An Advent Devotional


Just Believe

“Just Believe.” We see that tagline plastered everywhere this time of the year. It’s often accompanied by delicate snowflakes, the tinkling of bells and a dash of glitter. It’s the feel-good message in Christmas movies and cards: Just Believe in the magic of the season.

When we look back to the very first Christmas, we find an example of someone who “just believed”- Mary, the mother of Jesus. She received God’s promise that her son – the son of an unwed teenager – would be the Savior of the world. She probably went through an array of emotions. But in the end, Mary simply took God at His word. She didn’t make back-up, “just in case” plans. She didn’t try to pray the situation away.

Instead, she poured out her heart in praise of God.

What an amazing example of trusting God when we don’t have our ducks in a row, of praising Him through the unknown. 

Her cousin Elizabeth recognized Mary’s heart of obedience when she said, “Blessed is she who believes what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.”

Can you and I simply take God at his Word? Can we challenge ourselves to bank our everything on him?


Father, Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I’m in control. But the only way I can come to You is in complete humility. I cannot do this thing called life in my own strength. I need You, oh I need You, every hour I need You. Thank You for the gift of grace You sent that first Christmas. Help me “just believe.” Amen.