Making Space – An Advent Devotional


Beneath the Fountain

Today, let’s pause, and pour out our hearts in humble adoration for the One who came to redeem us while we were utterly powerless.

If I stop long enough, I see a love so extravagant, so lavish, so relentless that it broke into the darkness of the world that Christmas morn. A love so unfailing, so divine that it continues to pour down on us. Soaking us in His grace, plunging us beneath the fountain of His love. Christmas is the love story of a God who loved us enough to send His one and only Son to the earth. It’s the story of a God who would humble Himself and give up His throne for a trough in a stable.

Grace droplets drench our daily lives. We could write them off as coincidence. We could put it down to good fortune. We could proclaim that it's the result of our hard work. But when I truly pay attention to my world, I see God’s grace upon us, moment by moment! In the smile of a baby, the warmth of a hug, in an answer to prayer, in the glimpse of a glorious sunset, in the nourishment from His word, in a really great homemade meal, and, of course, in Christmas!


Father God, help us stop and ponder Grace unfathomable. Help us to still and remember Love unstoppable. We welcome you, Lord Jesus. Amen