Making Space – An Advent Devotional


Oh Holy Night

O Holy Night. That’s a song where goosebumps are guaranteed. I don’t know much about music, but the range of notes in that song lend themselves to an emotional outpouring. 

But more than the notes, more than the singer or even the lyrics, when we ponder on that Holy Night, our hearts are bound to skip a beat.

God chose to become man. He chose to do that knowing what lay ahead. It would not be pleasant – there would be rejection, betrayal and, finally, a cruel death. Yet He chose to pour out His life. Because the world lay pining. It yearned for a Savior. And at the perfect time, a Savior was born. 

There’s only one reaction we can have to all of this.

“Fall on your knees,” the song goes. And that’s all we can do. Fall before Him in complete humility, bow before Him in absolute awe and complete surrender. There’s simply nothing we can do but respond in worship.


Heavenly Father, when I think about the night of the Savior’s birth, I stand amazed. What a glorious night, a holy night, a divine night. Long lay the world in sin and error pining – till Your Son appeared. I marvel at that grace, at that unconditional love. Amen