Making Space – An Advent Devotional


Sound of Silence

"I don't want a Christmas you can buy.

I don't want a Christmas you can make.

What I want is a Christmas you can hold.

A Christmas that holds me,

remakes me, revives me.

I want a Christmas that whispers, Jesus."

--Ann Voskamp

I want Christmas that holds me. Not the activity of Christmas. But the person of Christmas. In the midst of the frenzy, I pray for moments of stillness where I can hear Jesus whisper. 

We all know that often we most need a vacation when we’ve just had one! We seem hard wired to pack it in, do as much as possible, expend, expend, expend. But Scripture tells us to be still. In Isaiah 30: 15 we’re reminded that in repentance and rest is our salvation, in quietness and trust our strength. 

This Christmas season, carve out those “be still” moments. Without them you and I will be running on fumes. Give yourself permission to rest. Allow Him to lead you beside quiet waters. Let Him to restore your soul.


Father God, we live in a world of non-stop doing. I’ve forgotten how to be still. Help me not to think of busyness as a measure of our worth, but to rest in who You created me to be. This Christmas, help me hear Jesus in the quiet moments. Amen