Making Space – An Advent Devotional


The First Evangelists

Grand announcements are made via media outlets every single day. Breaking News! You heard it from us first! We are there when it happens! Those are just some of the claims of newspapers and TV channels.

But the biggest announcement of all time came first to a group of unassuming folks in a village more than 2000 years ago. The group of shepherds that we read about in Luke 2 became privy to the grandest declaration– that God became man and was now among them. These guys, who were just minding their own business, tending to their flock of sheep, were witness to a marvelous concert of what my 7-year-old calls a “multiplication of angels.” They were the audience for the grandest ever light and sound show in history.

It didn’t end there. They ran to where the Christ child lay and they worshipped. Then, in sheer excitement, they shared the marvelous news. The very first evangelists weren’t glitzy or glamorous. They didn’t have the right packaging. What they did have was the right heart!

God honors the humble. He doesn’t wait for the world’s accolades before He chooses someone. He only wants a humble heart willing to be used by Him.


Father God, You turn the world’s standards upside down. You don’t care about power and position. You don’t concern Yourself with status. Man looks at the outside, but You look at the heart. Help me, Lord, to come before You humbly and offer myself as a living sacrifice for Your glory. Amen